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Frequent updates are made to keep you state-of-the-art. Please check the NHTSA Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) recall checker for the most judicious information regarding recalls.

Chrysler 200 Recall

You can find the VIN of your Chrysler 200 on your windshield or your registration card. In most cases, the VIN can also be found on your insurance card.

What will the VIN recall search tool not show?

  • The VIN recall browse tool will not show information on international vehicles.
  • The recall browse tool is designed to display all unrepaired vehicle safety recalls in the past 15 calendar years. It will not show closed recalls or recalls that have already been completed on your Chrysler 200.
  • If a Chrysler 200 safety recall has recently been announced, there is a meager delay in time from when the recall is identified and when it's live in this database. VINs are commonly additional, so please check back commonly.
  • Safety recalls older than 15 years will not be shown.

Known Chrysler 200 Recalls

  • Chrysler issued a recall on the 2013 200 sedan due to a broken control valve in the fuel tank that could potentially lead to an engine stall or fuel leakage, which can potentially lead to a fire risk.
  • Chrysler issued a recall on the 2011, 2012, and 2013 Chrysler 200 to authentic head restraints that may not function accordingly.
  • Chrysler issued a recall on the 2013 Chrysler 200 for achievable loss of engine oil pressure that could lead to an engine stall or engine failure.
  • Chrysler issued a recall on the 2015 Chrysler 200 to inspect, and, if deemed basic, to replace the sedan's shocks or struts that may break free from their mounts, which could potentially lead to advantageous loss of vehicle control
  • Chrysler issued a recall on 2015 Chrysler 200 sedans that have a V6 engine automatic transmission where the parking pawl may become corrupted or the park rod may become broken preventing the transmission from shifting into the Park position, which could potentially lead to a rollaway risk, increasing the risk of a crash.
  • Chrysler issued a recall on the 2015 Chrysler 200 sedan due to the possibility of curious hacking of the vehicle.

Takata Airbag Recall

Over 34 million cars in the USA and much more globally are involved in the Takata airbag recalls dating back as far as 2014. Check to see if your vehicle is affected by the Takata airbag recall here.